Ravi Zacharias kicks. . .

Well, you get the picture. I’ve always known Ravi was the man. I mean, anybody who can bring it like him–clear, coherent, engaging–is worth listening to.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Apologetics doesn’t always work for me. I’m a heart kind of guy, and apologetics attacks the head first. It’s kind of like SWAT teams: they kick in the doors and then, when the perp’s grabbing air and his eyes are dinner plates, the detective comes in and starts working him over.

I tend to think of spreading the good news as covert ops during the Cold War. You wait and wait, and cultivate, just going about your business, until the opportunity arises to say, “I see you like American cigarettes. Want to get them every day?”

Enough of that. Interesting, the metaphors we use to describe different things. (For more on that, see Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz.) Metaphors of violence for evangelism…hmmm.

But Ravi–how can you not enjoy Ravi? Well, listen here.

One thought on “Ravi Zacharias kicks. . .”

  1. Welcome back! I think I’ve told you that Paul and I used to listen to Ravi’s messages on road trips. So awesome! He just lives in ATL…any chance we could get him for Convocation??? 🙂

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