Emergent/Emerging Church

Just finished reading D.A. Carson’s Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church. It’s a critique of the movement as a whole, particularly as it’s represented in the writings of two practitioners: Brian McLaren and Steve Chalke.

Now, let me state at the outset: I like both D.A. Carson and Brian McLaren a good deal. Both have much to offer the church, I believe. I have my own set of criticisms of the Emergent conversation (the term that some, including me, prefer to “movement” or “church”) but I think it provides a necessary counter to some trends in the church at the end of the century. And Carson is a New Testament scholar of the highest order. Maybe next post will provide time for more than that. For now, suffice it to say that Carson had an eager audience in me, if only because I want to engage some of my own questions.

Unfortunately, my session’s cut short. So…let me point you to my good friend Sam Storms’s site. Sam’s got an eight-part critique of the book (largely favorable) on his Web site. More about this subject later.


One thought on “Emergent/Emerging Church”

  1. For an excellent critique of post-modernity (primarily theo/philosophy but some critique on culture) I would suggest an amazing book by David Hart called “The Beauty of The Infinite.” Probrably the best theology book I have read in years. 10 pgs in that book is worth atleast 100+ pgs of most other theology texts.–>

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