A Knight’s Tale

So I’m indulging in one of my favorite movies, and I realize there are a handful of them that I will put in any time. If I just feel like a movie, this is my go-to list, inpo:

1. A Knight’s Tale
Chaucer in France, defining trudge for Heath Ledger and Co. Paul Bettany is astounding. And the misunderstanding of allegorical (“Well, we won’t hold that against you. That’s for each man to decide for himself.”) Fonging for everyone! And the music! “We Will Rock You” (including the solo, one of the greatest of all time) and “Golden Years” and–dare I mention it–“You Shook Me All Night Long” (another fantastic solo). Only thing I can’t stand is the pardoner saying “…on behalf of the Lord God…” So many quotes, though: “I’m a writer; I give the truth scope.”
2. Master and Commander
Here’s Paul Bettany again, come to think of it, this time as the English spy and doctor, Stephen Maturin. He’s the perfect foil to Russell Crowe’s superb Jack Aubrey. Courage, heroism, sacrifice–it’s all here.
3. Silverado
Guilty pleasure. Part of the new breed of Hollywood western (following Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider), and one of Kevin Kline’s better turns imho.
4. Saving Private Ryan
Nuff said.
5. Blade Runner
Thanks to IFC, I now have the director’s cut on DVR.
6. Jaws
I don’t own this one, but it’s on TV, on some channel, nearly every day. For some reason, I can’t look away. Robert Shaw: “Farewell and adieu, you fair Spanish ladies…”

There are bound to be others, but this is it.


3 thoughts on “A Knight’s Tale”

  1. Ooohhh…good ones. A Knight’s Tale is also one of my favorites. I love the slow motion walk when they’re signing up for the competion; I think the song is “The Boys Are Back In Town.”

    I also enjoyed Master and Commander. One of the great things about the movie is the almost non-existence of music. If you pay attention, there’s only big musical scores during battle scenes. Most of the other time you just hear silence or a bit of creaking. It really drives home the atmosphere of being out on a lonely sea.

    For my own list, I would have to include “Never Been Kissed”, “The Princess Bride”, “Say Anything”, “Sleeping With the Enemy” and “The Matrix.” I know that last one seems out of place, but I just can’t get enough of lines like (Neo)”My eyes hurt.” (Morpheus)”That’s because you’ve never used them before.”

  2. Master and Commander was great. love the violin/cello arrangements they have on that movie.
    I have found that I enjoy Paul Bettany in all of his movies. He was great in these two, as well as “Beautiful Mind” and “wimbeldon” (which wasn’t great, but he did a great job)
    Other movies on my list are “The Matrix”, “Garden State” “Braveheart” “The Last Sammurai” and “The Princess Bride.” There are alot more, but this will do.

  3. i don’t know that i’m up to making a movie list, but i will say that paul bettany is a-ok by me… although he’s no sean bean! i too, saw “wimbledon” (on an airplane from lima to miami) and while the movie itself was, er, lacking, old paul b. held his end down.

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