Added Value–Alpha Weekend

Dr. Lyle Dorsett was the speaker, and just in case you’re wondering, here are the topics of his talks, along with a note or two.

Dr. Dorsett talked on Friday and Saturday about two common misconceptions about God.

Friday, we heard that God does indeed love sinners. (Misconception one is that God doesn’t love sinners.) Reading from Luke 15, Dr. Dorsett talked about how easily we sometimes get lost. The lost sheep, for instance, gets lost because of its own “sheepishness.” Sheep aren’t the most intelligent animals in the world, and occasionally we find ourselves in a bramble or a ravine because we failed to exercise our minds.

The coin, on the other hand, is lost by the woman. Whether she meant to or not, the coin escaped her attention. And sometimes, that happens to people. Either out of neglect or intentional abuse, someone else gets us lost. It’s almost as if they spin us around, shove us down some stairs, and turn out the lights.

But the son, as we’ve heard all our lives, loses himself. His own willfulness drives him from home and the father’s care.

The common denominator in these stories is God himself, full of compassion for who is lost.

Saturday, we turned to the other misconception: that once we experience God, some crisis event at the altar for instance, we can live as we choose. Instead, we should be prepared to surrender our rights, to choose God’s agenda over our own–again, and again, and again.

Sunday, Dr. Dorsett reminded us again that compassion is key. We cannot pretend to know God or serve him if we do not have compassion for the suffering and the needy. And compassion manifests itself in acts of radical obedience.

Hope you enjoyed Dr. Dorsett. We did tape the services, and they’ll be available soon.


3 thoughts on “Added Value–Alpha Weekend”

  1. I have been reading and thinking about the qualities and attributes of God lately, trying to deal with my conceptions, or even misconceptions, of who He is. So I enjoyed Dr. Dorsett’s message Sunday.
    I wish I could have caught him Friday and Satruday night, because those both sound like great messages as well.

  2. I really enjoyed Dr.(?) Dorsett because of just his passionate honesty. I loved every word he said because of that and it was hard during some of the services (there were only two, right) to just not out and out scream (on the outside, be assured I was on the inside) because of just how true the things he said were.

    God really is crazy about sinners… ESPECIALLY THEM sometimes and He certainly demands radical obedience of those who follow Him. For Him to do less would make love reckless and therefore powerless.

    I’m thankful for just being there that weekend.

  3. I loved both messages, but particularly Friday night’s. I have heard the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son all my life, but had never thought about them as representing different aspects of being lost. That was really powerful to show that no matter how you get lost, God loves you and is looking for you.

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