My Turn: Michelle Wheeler

RockStar: Jesus Christ

Over the last few weeks, I have discovered the joys of the show Rock Star: INXS. Yes, it’s the INXS from the 80’s, and yes, it’s a reality show, and yes, it’s like a rock’n’roll version of American Idol. All of those factors could add up to a really cheesy competition, but it is actually rather addictive (as most reality TV is). The contestants are very talented and there hasn’t been too much drama (relatively speaking). The behind-the-scenes show is on Monday nights on VH1. The performances and results shows are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on CBS. You really should check it out.

At chapel Wednesday night, I was sitting with some of my new friends talking about the week. I had just watched Tuesday night’s performance show on my TiVO and was so hyper about some of my favorite contestants’ performances. I realized that I had been going on and on about it (“Oh, MiG was SO awesome! You have to watch his performance online! And Marty! And Jordis! I am 100% addicted to this show! Whatever you do, make sure you find a TV on Tuesday nights and watch this show!!”), when the thought struck me.

What if I was this excited when I talked to people about Jesus?

“Oh, dude, you have got to meet this guy, Jesus. Seriously, He is SO awesome! Whatever you do, find a Bible, and start reading it! You will be amazed at how awesome it is!”

What kind of difference would that kind of enthusiasm make in my life? In the lives of those around me? In my own relationship with Jesus? And the biggest question of all: Why am I lacking in that kind of enthusiasm when I claim to love and serve Jesus with all of my heart?

I think it’s human to want to be accepted and want to be considered cool by the people around us. But we should be very careful not to let that desire for acceptance control us to the point that we are timid about our faith.

I’m still working through all of this and can’t say I have the answers to the questions I’ve listed above. But I challenge you to think about those questions for yourself. If you need an example of someone who was enthusiastic about Jesus, pick an apostle! Study the New Testament, and particularly Acts and read about the sacrifices these men were willing to make, all because of their devotion to Him. I hope in their story you’ll discover a new enthusiasm for Jesus and be encouraged to share Him with others as boldly and passionately as they did.


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