Fortune Kooky: More Reasons to Hate J.D.

1. He stole Elrond’s elven ring of power (and apparently Galadriel’s, too).
2. “Pretty Vegas” is disturbingly catchy.
3. “Pretty Vegas” is disturbingly catchy, but three times in a week?!
4. Kissing the monkey, a.k.a. Dave Navarro, shouldn’t get by the FCC.
5. He didn’t butcher “Money.”
6. “Human Being” “Being Human” tattoos

Yes, I’m still watching Rock Star: INXS. One more week, and then I’ll be free.

4 thoughts on “Fortune Kooky: More Reasons to Hate J.D.”

  1. last night was the first time i caught j.d.’s performances… and while i’m not a fan of his voice- he really did do the best out of everyone i saw last night.
    unfortunately (or fortunately, your pick), he did really well with “money”, i thought and had a decent stage presence -something no-one else was guilty of last night.
    marty can’t stop slaughtering things, it seems to me, radiohead must have wept a paranoid tear. and i’m not sure that marty understands what “stage presence” means.
    mig was “fair to middlin'”. he has the best voice of anyone left, but he just looks aloof and out of place (the gay sgt. pepper’s uniform didn’t help him any). just as i was ready to write him off altogether, he did that seal song and actually did it well. too bad that skillet will be hunting him down to get their hairdo back.
    well, that was my impressions, anyhow. i didn’t see what’s-her-face perform. so, ?

  2. JD is so freakin annoying.

    Marty has no stage presence.

    Mig has a great voice, but looks like a Ken doll. He needs to be on Broadway, not a tour bus.

    Susie…I have nothing bad to say about her (although she did screw up on her STP song) But, she’s a girl and they won’t have a girl lead singer.

    So, congrats JD. Looks like you’re right for the band INXS. *cringe*

    My prediction is tonight’s Mig’s night to go…

  3. I don’t care what you guys say, MiG still makes me swoon. 🙂 I would love to see him on Broadway, but I also think that of those who are left, he has the voice most suited for INXS music.

    I like Marty, but I don’t think he’s right for INXS. I would love to hear more of his original stuff.

    Susie has done well before, but tonight, she just couldn’t compete with the other three. In such direct comparison, she was so obviously not up to par.

    JD…Shut up, JD. I will admit he did a great rendition of “Money” and it does annoy me to no end that “Pretty Vegas” tends to get stuck in my head, but I just can’t stomach his stage presence.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your position), I think JD will hear those fateful words…”We think you’re right for our band, INXS.” And then I won’t have to wonder if I should buy the new INXS album. I’ll skip it and go straight to the M’s for Mignition! 🙂

  4. Hate me if you will, but “Pretty Vegas” kicks me in the crotch. And if I had two crotches, I’d have two stomach aches (if I also had two stomachs). JD is a putz, but I don’t know what it is. He’s like your high school girlfriend’s annoying little brother. Marty is neato, but not INXS. And after a couple of listens, “Trees” is over for me. His “Mr. Brightside” was astonishing. I would buy his album at $9.99 and no more. Mig is, in fact, a Ken doll but can wail. I think he shaves his pits.

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