Interesting thought

From Gordon McDonald’s journal (in Leadership):

Hurricanes and gas prices: These are a couple of things that we better start thinking about. They’re likely to redefine our ways of living. When gas regularly stays above $3.11 per gallon, people will most likely begin to change their transportation habits. And if heating costs triple, large buildings (at least in the north) are going to become a bit more of a burden. The megachurch depends heavily upon people who drive more than 15 miles to church. I would bet that a lot of people won’t do that anymore, or as many times per week as they used to. Heating costs will skew budgets. The commitment level of the larger crowd will be tested. I suspect a shake-up is coming in the way we all do church. I’d have a task force working on this one if I was leading a big church. Everyone ready for a strategy of church life that depends more upon small groups and distributed ministries?

I hadn’t thought of this at all, but how interesting to consider how something as seemingly unrelated to church life might affect how we “do church.” Our churches are already what they are because of factors unique to the US: individualism, territorial expansion, bias and racism. Are there other factors that so-called futurists are describing that might trickle into the church? I’ll have to go back and take a look at people like Faith Popcorn (her real name!) to see if what they imagine might make an impact.

Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Interesting thought”

  1. To be quite honest about church attendance…one of the reasons (emphasis on one) I stopped attending the church I had been going to was because I couldn’t afford the gas to be involved.

    We need to be joining the rest of the post-modern world in their concern for our natural resources. Conservationism is not a leftist liberal agenda.

    Who knows how it will effect churches, especially mega churches. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  2. Great post Jamie.
    Something that a lot of Huge (mega) Churches are doing is starting up ”satellite churches” across town. Same service times and structure and so on…just a different worship team and a satellite link up to the main church for the message. It seems to be working…
    On another note:
    I’ve felt (this thought is provoked by several peers and such) for a little while that church/church services – as it’s done today – is prehistoric. What bothers me most is that I don’t have an answer/solution under my sleeve… But I do believe that the church will look drastically different ten years from now. And I want to play a part in that constant process of change.

  3. Death to the mega church! My own church puts more emphasis on home groups than the larger corporate group. And the larger gathering consists of several round tables and an encouragement (a wireless mic) to talk back to the pastor. It looks somewhat like the first century expression (at least we think).

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