The Gospel According to Anne

So Anne Rice has become a devout Christian…apparently. The writer of such gothic horror novels as “Interview with the Vampire” and “The Witching Hour” has got religion. And she’s not afraid now to, in her words, “do violence to [her] career.” She’s promised to write only for the Lord, according to this article, and the first installment in said writing is coming out this fall: Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, the first volume of a projected trilogy about the Savior. I’ll be interested to see what the Christian press does with this one.


4 thoughts on “The Gospel According to Anne”

  1. hmmm… so many jokes come to mind that i’m afraid to type out, they’d probably look blasphemous in text. why is it that trilogies written about Christ by a vampire devotee just seems funny to me?

  2. I can’t believe you beat me to this by 2 1/2 hours! You’ll notice I posted the same story on my own blog at 5:06 pm. 🙂

    I hadn’t thought so far as to wonder what the Christian press would say, but I’m sure it will be mixed and possibly embarrassing to the rest of the Christian community.

    I’ll be interested to read the book, though.

  3. Really kind of weird to think about it, especially with her view of atonement in “Memnoc the Devil.” Basically that God was some sort of playa-hater to a degree and that it was the devil who was compassionate for humanity and sought to make it more than it could be. God in it is portrayed as somesort of egomaniac. Really interested to see how her views have shifted. She has always had interesting views on Saints especially.

  4. Jason-You’re not alone. Something about this seems very funny indeed. But I’m interested…

    Michelle-I actually think most of the Christian press will ignore it, unless she’s either very blasphemous or very evangelical, both of which I doubt. It’ll be dismissed as “wacky horror writer does religious book.”

    Ben-Memnoch, yes, and the issues Lestat faces in Body Thief as well. She’s dealt with sin and redemption from the beginning of the Vampire Chronicles (getting sidetracked in QotD.

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