Quick Update of What I’ve Seen Online Lately

A couple things I’ve seen recently, with relatively few comments for now.

Nieu Communities seems to be taking vocation and ministry in a new, communal direction. I really like their emphasis on community, communion, and mission, as well as their “missional postures” that “missional leaders need to learn, maybe even master, to engage culture well.” Here they are:

Listening: Learning to listen to God, to our hearts, and to the culture around us.

Submerging: Being the hands and feet of Jesus in the neighborhoods we live in.

Inviting: Becoming fragrant followers of Jesus who gather people around a compelling story.

Contending: Fighting well for the lives and faith of those God has brought into our lives.

Releasing: Preparing those we have served to go on with God and encouraging them to pass on what they’ve received.

Imagining: Seeing and embracing what God has created for us and preparing to engage the next leg of our mission.

The Emergent “conversation” continues. A recent post to the Leadership blog Out of Ur has McLaren and Campolo answering some questions about “generous” orthodoxy. And another records McLaren’s “seven layers” of the emergent conversation. Interesting reading, and invites another volley from both critics and supporters. I’ve seen mostly churches at earlier levels of engagement, particularly style and worship. But I’ve wondered for a long time what a truly reinvented church might look like. I enjoyed the suggestion of one of the commenters to put the Communion table in the middle of the worshipers. Interesting idea, really…

Visual Thesaurus has been wowing me lately too, as has the underlying software, Th!nkmap.

Nuff said.


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