Kanye West Superstar

I’m not a Kanye-hater; I happen to think he’s almost as talented as he thinks he is. The cover he did for Rolling Stone, however, pushes even my buttons.

Now, I’m not beyond a little artistic license. I even think some religious symbols are ripe for interpretation, even parody. But the impassioned Christ? Likening oneself to Jesus in his suffering, particularly when you make the kind of money West does, can’t be a good thing. Misery of the Kanye West variety can’t be all that bad, can it?

Read about it here.


One thought on “Kanye West Superstar”

  1. I wasn’t able to click on the link (something to the effect of the page not being there), but I do happen to think that Kanye is an ass.

    Of course, you know what the Bible says about removing the splinter out of my eye before trying to remove it in someone elses…well, it’s more like a 2×4, and what I notice in Kanye–I notice about myself (when I chooooooose to).

    I just don’t think that my head will ever get as big as his though. Heaven help us all if that day comes by the pricking of your thumb. ;-)–>

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