M for . . . Mephistopheles

For those interested in the Wachowski brothers new film V for Vendetta, you may be interested to know that the graphic novel’s author is off his bleeding rocker (and that’s putting it nicely). The author of several fantastic graphic novels, including Watchmen, Alan Moore is, in fact, a “magician” who talks to demons. I had thought I might avoid the film because I really enjoyed the graphic novel and heard the film thumbed its nose at some central thematic elements, and that Moore had distanced himself from the production. Now, though, I think I’ll avoid it for more, um, spiritual reasons. See below:


From an article in the Guardian:


"One word balloon in From Hell completely hijacked my life," he explains. "A character says something like, ‘The one place gods inarguably exist is in the human mind’. After I wrote that, I realised I’d accidentally made a true statement, and now I’d have to rearrange my entire life around it. The only thing that seemed to really be appropriate was to become a magician." Not the "pick a card" type; more the "I converse with demons" type. He’s vague on the details of how you become a magician, but clear about the reasons why. "I’ve always sympathised with Brian Eno’s theory, that if you were a mechanic you’d want to know what to look for under the hood if the car seized up. I’m dependent on writing for a living, so really it’s to my advantage to understand how the creative process works. One of the problems is, when you start to do that, in effect you’re going to have to step off the edge of science and rationality."


He shows me his altar to the Roman snake god Glycon. "He was exposed as a glove-puppet in the second century". And he explains how he used to accompany his magical experiments with psychedelic drugs but now finds he doesn’t need them. "It’s frightening. You call out the names in this strange incomprehensible language, and you’re looking into the glass and there appears to be this little man talking to you. It just works."



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