CT’s book awards

Christianity Today announced their book awards on Friday. My friend Nicole Mazzarella won for fiction. If what I read in manuscript is any indication, This Heavy Silence is a great novel and worth your time.

I've only read one other book on the list: The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience by Ron Sider. It's typical of Sider–earnest and pithy prose that doesn't shy away from sliding in the knife. Sider's a prophet in the biblical sense (as opposed to some other senses making the rounds these days). Other intriguing books on the list: Soul Searching, Alan Jacobs's The Narnian, and Christ Plays in Ten THousand Places by the never-boring Eugene Peterson.


One thought on “CT’s book awards”

  1. Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is by far the best piece of work Eugene Peterson has yet to produce. The piece absolutely rocks the house. The work is much like that of Ellen Charry’s By The Renewing of Your Minds in promoting that our beliefs are rooted deeply in our lives and our lives are deeply rooted in our beliefs. Both promote an idea that doing theology is virtue-begetting, just as virtue begets the practice of doing theology. Anyhow Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is an excellent book that is bound to make contribution to any Chritian; whether pastor, scholar, student, or layman.

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