Does Fashion Fit?

Fashion showParis fashion shows have become almost comical. Strike that: They are comical.

Against my better judgment, I have to ask: Would you wear this? Would anyone you know wear this? The Utilitarian in me says that art should serve society and the greater good, yet there’s a little of the Aesthete in me that says art need not serve anything except itself.

My Christianity trumps both, since I think most philosophical (and theological) movements end up choosing one facet of Christianity to emphasize to the detriment of all other facets. The Christian, I believe, must hold to those two great commandments like a pit bull: Love God with your whole being, love your neighbor.

So where does haute couture fit into all this? Where does fashion that serves virtually no one fit in? And ultimately, if fashion is art, where does art fit (since I would never argue that art doesn’t have a place in the kingdom)?

I’m back, I think, to a discussion some friends and I had a few years ago about Christian fiction vs. evangelical fiction. Then again, now that I think about it, I’m back to yesterday’s post about media and message. If, as McLuhan suggested, the medium is the message, what message does the image at right send? What message, come to think of it, does my posting about the image send?

Whew. It’s too early for this, but let me know what you think about any or all of these questions. Or ignore this post and wait for a better. 🙂


One thought on “Does Fashion Fit?”

  1. Wow. A fashion post. Okay. 🙂

    Hmmm, what is the purpose of art? For the artist, it’s an outlet of expression, an outlet for that creative thing that lives within us, or a fun way to pass the time. For the audience, it can be many things. You can argue the merits of “good art” or “bad art”, but I think the defining factor of art is when one person experiences a true connection with another. If a piece comes from a passionate place in the artist and resonates with even one other person…it’s art.

    Fashion design fits all of those criteria, but clothing itself also acts as our costume. Some people consider choosing their outfit as an expression of themselves. A representation of what you are. A way to tell people about yourself before you say a word.

    Haute couture, I think, is nothing more than pretty artistry. It pushes the limits of what is acceptable in normal society. You rarely see stuff like what’s in that picture on the street. But you might see a piece of it somewhere next season. It’s a way to test the waters and see what sticks (I know, I know…mixing metaphors).

    I’m not even going to get into McLuhan here…

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