Wright on DVD

Readers of this blog know my deep affection for N.T. Wright. The Bishop of Durham is one of the clearest thinkers and speakers about Jesus and the kingdom that I have ever heard, and his talks have strengthened my faith. [Incidentally, I was listening this morning, in fact, to a talk he gave about Jesus and the powers. It’s my fifth or sixth listen, and it’s still pretty good stuff. He contextualizes Mark 10:45, one of our favorite ‘substitutionary atonement’ verses, and points out that the context of that powerful statement is actually about how we ‘do’ power in the kingdom. In short, it’s not the way we too often end up ‘doing’ power in the Western church. But that’s another post.]

Imagine my joy to find out that there’s a DVD curriculum out there with Wright’s fingerprints on it. More than that, it’s got interviews where he talks about Jesus and the kingdom and what it means for us. I will shamelessly plug virtually anything having to do with Wright, not because of him per se, but because the message and power of Jesus the Christ is so pervasive in his speech and dealings.

By the way, if you buy the curriculum, let me borrow it!


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