Bibles Don’t Burn?

My favorite line from this article is this one:

“I was always told a Bible wouldn’t burn and have seen it before in other church and house fires.”

This reflects some thinking in the church too, the kind of superstition that ends up somehow canonical. It usually lends the physical Bible, the actual book, some kind of power, making it a talisman of sorts.Bible Burning?

I’ve heard people suggest you should stand on your Bible to demonstrate that you’re, um, standing on the Word; that you should put a Bible under your pillow to ward off bad dreams; that the Bible can stop bullets. And maybe those last two have happened. I’m not putting them beyond God’s power but that’s just it, isn’t it? When we expect some stock response from God when we do some standard action, we’re getting dangerously close to a witchy Christianity.

H/t to’s Weblog.

2 thoughts on “Bibles Don’t Burn?”

  1. I burnt a Gideons Bible the other day at a resort (I can’t stand bibles in my hotel room, what the hell do they think I’m doing their? praying for salvation…NOT!) it burnt perfectly and entirley with a nice glow!!

    The bible is the single most overrated horror story ever foisted on mankind by idiots from the middle east thousands of years ago – those that think it has any truth today are gullible doe-heads!

    All “holy” books should be burnt and houses of worship turned into restaurants, houses, bars, libraries and night clubs.

    Wake up humans!!

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for the comment.

    Horror story? Sure, there are some horrific parts to the story–that’s human life–but there’s plenty of good stuff in there too, even if you throw out the whole redemption thing. I mean, the teachings of Jesus are pretty good, I would think: Love your neighbor, return good for evil, don’t kill.

    I most agree with your last line: We need to wake up to what it means to be human.

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