Jesus of Suburbia

Jesus of Suburbia coverThis looks like an interesting forthcoming title from W Publishing. What do we do with suburbia? How can we avoid equating middle- to upper-middle-class lifestyles and values with Christian values?

You may know, or you may not, that Green Day has a song called “Jesus of Suburbia” on its American Idiot album. You can probably tell that it’s not a positive song, esp. since it’s also on the Bullet in a Bible CD/DVD. There are two words that should never go together, eh?


One thought on “Jesus of Suburbia”

  1. Thanks for the comment! This certainly does look like an interesting book. Today’s glorification of the “upper-class” lifestyle for Christians is more cunning and, possibly, more damaging to the Christian ethos than the prosperity preachers of the 70’s and 80’s were. It’s scary to think that people actually believe that it’s okay to write off the poor and oppressed as long as it doesn’t effect “me and mine.” But that’s a whole other Derek Webb Tune, isn’t it?

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