Hauerwas Again

The MSM has begun to notice that the evangelical movement is no longer a monolitically conservative entity. As the definition of ‘evangelical’ evolves a bit, the tent is a good deal larger than it used to be (though still managed by gatekeepers). Now Greg Boyd has joined John Howard Yoder (author of The Politics of Jesus) and his followers (the foremost of whom is our man Stan) to eschew Christian involvement in the political scene.

Pretty interesting article, if only for the fact that Greg Boyd keeps finding things to be controversial about.


One thought on “Hauerwas Again”

  1. Hallelujah!

    Though there is no reason for abandoning the orthodox christian faith. Honestly I do think that if we pursue orthodoxy we will be driven towards the left on a number of issues. One particularly being enviromental care and taking care of those who are afflicted.

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