Another IPHC Wannabe post

Statistical tidbits from 2005 IPHC church growth report.
• Almost a third of US members are in churches that posted at least 100% growth. Those members attend about 350 churches. In other words, a third of US members in less than one-fifth of total churches.
• Half of US IPHC churches (938 of 1990) posted 0% growth or less during the past year (2005). Those churches members account for nearly a third of total US members (244,184 in 2005, keeping in mind that only three-quarters of members attend worship in the IPHC).
• One-third of US membership (almost 80,000 members) was in 53 churches of over 500 or more members.
• Of the 9000 or so members added in 2005, over 7700 were in Florida. The next closest conference was Upper SC, with a hair more than 12% of that number (939).
Interesting, no? See the report for yourself.

What are the implications of these numbers (and the rest on the statistical reports)? What are our prospects for the future? What are our best moves as a denomination to improve growth while remaining true to biblical doctrine?

I don’t post this to beat up on the IPHC (or to drive my decreasing readership numbers even lower). I think th


One thought on “Another IPHC Wannabe post”

  1. Jamie,

    Hi, my name is Chris and I am a pastor with the IPHC in Australia. I googled IPHC blog and up came your site. So here I am. Thought that what you had to say about our denomination was thought provoking. I was there at GC last year and am aware of the dynamics at work, and your comments particularly on the need for young leadership is real. I am 37yoa, which is hardly young on the one hand, but still young in denominational leadership circles. I am the national leader for IPHC in Australia, btw. I should comment that I joined from another movement (I was 3rd generation A/G) and was/am attracted to the willingness to embrace new concepts within the IPHC. I have found the movement to be an interesting dichotomy of new/old.

    I think that some of the key issues at hand are apostolic (a weighted word that needs defining, I know) leadership that is training up young leaders, church planting ‘cos that is where most denominations grow, a willingness to embrace both small (meta) and mega church models across the spectrum, and the reinvention of what it means to reach people with the Gospel in today’s culture. You seem to be a thinking Christian (that is a compliment btw) and I would love to hear from you. My email is at

    Blessings, Chris

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