My Homeboy Jonathan Edwards

CT cover

UPDATE: You can purchase a similar shirt here.

One word: hilarious. (H/t to Between Two Worlds)

Since I’ve been jumping on and off the Calvinism express for a number of years, I have come to see that JE was perhaps the greatest theological mind ever produced on the American continent. I know that’s Piperians think.

And while I love the shirt and may buy one, the influence of Calvinism in America is hard to understate. I haven’t read the CT article, but the rise of Mark Driscoll and the increasing popularity of such popular Reformed thinkers as C.J. Mahaney, Sam Storms, and Mark Dever is difficult to deny. And the most popular Christian living book in recent years (no, not Joel Osteen’s book) had Reformed theology in its veins, too.

While I may not have totally resolved the Calvinism question in my own mind–my wife and I discuss it on a weekly basis, it seems–I can definitely identify with the cover’s characterization of the new Reformed folks. My lingering affection for Reformed theology arises primarily from an inner restlessness, and a discomfort with a lot of the fruit of Arminian thinking.

Since I have neither the time nor the inclination to write more on this at the moment, there it is.


4 thoughts on “My Homeboy Jonathan Edwards”

  1. I, too, have been wondering and wavering regarding calvinism throughout my theological journey. I have, however, recently discovered Karl Barth who’s version of Reformed theology is amazingly brilliant and worth your time, assuming you’ve not had the time to delve into his work thus far. I would certainly recommend it. I think it’s possible to be thoroughly reformed without being heavily calvinist. I sometimes think that Piper, Sproul, and younger guys like Driscoll would have Calvin rolling over in his grave. However we respond to these people, for any person who’s ever been a reformed thinker, these questions are always difficult. But, hey, tension is a good thing, right?

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