Atlanta’s 99X and Radio in America

I commute about an hour per day to work, and while I can occasionally listen to a book or talk on CD, in order to listen for traffic updates I alternate listening to the radio. I started out listening to 96 Rock’s “The Regular Guys” in the morning, but one too many raunchy bits made me switch to 99X. Now I love most of the music on the X, but I’m wondering if something else would be better. Here’s why.

American radio relies on what we semi-affectionarely call “the radio song.” But lately, I’m getting radio-song weary. Quite a few current songs I don’t mind so much. I’m loving the new Killers single “When You Were Young”; I also enjoy almost any Franz Ferdinand song that comes on, the occasional Foo Fighters, the Strokes, the Flaming Lips when they actually make it on the radio.

For some reason, however, the Black Crowes’ “She Talks to Angels” has become a daily standard. Now sure, I like the Black Crowes, and no album more than Shake Your Money Maker. But “She Talks” wasn’t the best cut on there. I liked almost every song on there better–“Twice as Hard,” for instance, twice as good.

I can think of others, but I’m more interested in what you think. Which brings me to the question of the hour: What songs do you wish were “radio songs”? What bands had better songs on their albums than the one(s) that made it to endless airplay on the radio?


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