Good Riddance to Bad Religion

There’s a fantastic article up at It’s a reflection by John Brown history professor Preston Jones on Bad Religion. I mean that in two ways.

First, Jones writes about his extended e-mail conversation with Bad Religion lead singer Greg Graffin, a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell. Graffin is a searching atheist; he has asked, asks, and keeps on asking the big hard questions about God, about the universe, about us, about why we’re here. He keeps looking for answers. Jones and Graffin had the kind of longish correspondence that doesn’t really happen much anymore, trading questions and observations.

Second, Jones notes that some of what churches do is bad religion, and those practices drive seekers away, or reinforce their bitterness toward Christianity as a whole.

Not to create a feeding frenzy, but what Christian or church practices drive you nuts?


One thought on “Good Riddance to Bad Religion”

  1. My top two…

    – Christian bookstores, particularly the items around the cash register (i.e. Testamints, Faith Chips, F.R.O.G. bracelets)

    – Calling fast songs “praise” and slow songs “worship”

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