Shaping the Evangelical Message

The paper of record is shaping public perception of evangelicals and the current melee about Foley, Hastert and congressional cronyism. Evangelicals blame Foley, not his party, and they still think the Democrats are worse. Read it here.

One of my favorite parts is the paper’s quote from Ann Gimenez of Rock Church: “the scandal ‘doesn’t change the issues we are voting on,’ like abortion, public expression of religion and same-sex marriage.”

These are the key issues, the only issues, “we” are voting on? What about personal responsibility, accountability, and integrity? What about protecting minors from predators? And while we’re at it, what about a dozen other essential issues–poverty here and abroad, third-world debt, AIDS, terrorism/security, taxes, etc. Are there really just a few issues with which Christians should be concerned?

I was encouraged, however, that these concertgoers (to a MercyMe concert in Va. Beach) believe Hastert should be held accountable for his inaction, if it was inaction.

But I’m deeply disturbed that this is the message the public will receive about evangelicals.


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