ESV Journaling Edition

ESV Journaling BibleI know people who preserve their Bibles with uncommon passion. They keep it in its box, they never touch the pages with a pen. That person is not me. Which brings me to this fantastic idea from Crossway, the publishers of the ESV.
I don’t go gaga over new Bible editions; my “collection” is already a little embarrassing. Still, this makes me pretty excited.

One, it’s the ESV, which I think is the finest utility translation available. Two, it looks like my usual journal, the fantastic Moleskine. (And Crossway’s  marketing team is very smart. The packaging suggests the Moleskine.) Three, the wide margins (with lines!) are a Bible marker’s dream.

I’m not selling this Bible, or paid by Crossway, but I’m pretty stoked about it. Check it out at Crossway’s Web site.


2 thoughts on “ESV Journaling Edition”

  1. I bought one a few weeks ago, to compliment my other ESV, which was an early (plainer-vanilla) release.

    I love it BUT the type is very small. And my eyesight is pretty good.

    So that’s my only complaint.

    I’d have loved to see the same thing but about 20% bigger, overall.

    – Alister

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