Peter and the Gospel

Cross carved in stoneLove the title of this blog: GospelDrivenLife. This post on Peter and the Gospel is the third in a great little series, and it contains my favorite quote: Peter is “pressing the story of the Gospel into [his readers’] lives.”

What better way to describe both evangelism and, more importantly, discipleship. I have watched my son’s endless Play-Doh experimentation, pressing different objects into the clay to see what kind of mark it leaves behind, without ever seeing the object lesson there. The people we meet and minister to will be “impressed” by what we give them, be it the gospel or some watered-down, ‘hot-tub’ religion. They walk away marked by us and it, for better or for worse.

I want to be guilty of pressing the story of the Gospel into the lives of the people I meet.


One thought on “Peter and the Gospel”

  1. Thanks, Jamie — what you said is important. It’s good encouragement to stay the course of letting Jesus shape me daily. If I’m going to leave a mark regardless, I’d rather it be true to his character, by the grace of God.

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