Someone Stop Benny Hinn

You can help Benny Hinn get his new jet—I mean, ministry tool. That’s it on the left, or rather, a model of it. In fact, it can be your model if you’re willing to seed the down payment to the tune of a thousand bucks. You and 5999 other people can fund the down payment of this wonderful tool.

While I don’t have the money to help poor Benny out—after all, I can’t afford to stay at the Lanesborough Hotel or anything like it—I’ve got a terrific slogan I’m willing to donate. You ready? Here it is.

“Be a tool, help buy the tool.”

I think it’s a winner.

Seriously, why won’t the church and its members stand up against all that this man stands for? Why is anyone still sending him money? You can watch excerpts from the Dateline expose at the Wittenburg Door.


4 thoughts on “Someone Stop Benny Hinn”

  1. Hey. I just posted a bulletin on myspace about this the other day. I LOVE the slogan! How do you like Eat, Sleep, Repeat? I just saw Copeland here on FSU campus about a month ago. Also, I just started my own blog @ Anyway, it’s been a LONG time. Let me know what’s up.

  2. Man, Benny Hinn really bothers me, the guy is a total insult to real Christians who perform real miracles quietly without a million dollar budget or scads of tv cameras around.

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