QuickPost: Illuminate Me, O Lord…

CandleOver on Challies.com you can find a great post about revelation, inspiration, and illumination. I like Tim’s emphasis there, as I said in my comment there.

Too often, I jump right into “application” without allowing the Spirit to breathe life into me through the Scriptures, to light my sin-darkened heart. I guess I want Scripture to jump my heart to my hands, which cannot be grace-giving in the long run. This is all assuming more diligence than I usually give to Scripture anyway, which is a constant source of frustration and shame to me.

For a while I followed Robert Murray M’Cheyne‘s calendar (get a great pdf version of M’Cheyne’s calendar here) with fervor, but I end up feeling overwhelmed not refreshed. I think my schedule is the problem, and my own lack of priorities where spiritual things are concerned. I was continually surprised at how the calendar demonstrated the unity of the Scripture. I still read, but more occasionally than regularly. None of this changes the fact that I’m starving my spirit.

How do you approach Scripture reading? Does a calendar help?


4 thoughts on “QuickPost: Illuminate Me, O Lord…”

  1. I just finished reading the blog on Challies.com. I thought he did a great job summarizing the traditional Reformed views on revelation, inspiration, and illumination; though I wished he had said more about how the Scriptures typically refer to illumination, i.e. revelation [He even used a passage of Scripture (Eph 1:17-19) that speaks of illumination as revelation].

    Revelation and illumination in particular are complicated all the more when one views certain gifts of the Spirit to still be operational today (prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues). I’ve spent much time reading and thinking about these interrelated issues. I’m not completely satisfied with what I’ve found (Carson’s “Showing the Spirit” has been helpful, but I find it lacking). Have you read anyone who discusses these issues in detail that you have found helpful (I fear I may have to develop something from my own study. Not really ready to do that yet.)?

  2. I agree with you here–to a point. I’m not ready to throw out prophecy and tongues entirely. That seems to ask something more of the Scriptures than is there. But the dangers are such that we must approach sign gifts with caution to avoid the errors that we have seen in our day, and those that have done even more damage in the past.

  3. To clarify, I’m not ready to throw out prophecy or tongues either. Scripture is clear that these gifts will only cease when we see Christ “face to face.” But I do believe there is a complex relationship between prophecy and tongues (I don’t know that Scripture actually qualifies tongues as revelation), and revelation that is not often realized or stated in continuationist circles.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I thought I understood your position, and now I’m sure I do.

    In answer to your earlier question, I don’t know of anything offhand, but I want to explore them some more. I’ve read some of Wayne Grudem’s book on prophecy, but not enough to make a fair assessment. You probably know something more about that.

    We should talk soon!

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