Major Tom to Ground Control

I received the following message in my spambox today. I’m convinced it means something.

Ive already done that. No pursuers in sight.
Then he took out a tray of blocks, started to build a tower with them.

your signal zips up to the satellite and back down to the other
while they have been dozing! When I leave here the stasis will seal
tapped the arrow-and-circle symbol picked out in white on the front of
has any questions put the cuffs back on and youre out of here.
inside my skull. Ive seen that symbol before -yes indeed! Would
that we had just left.
And a good-morning bow-wow to you gentlemen. Your new friend has
Which was resistant but soft. I turned and looked and saw that it was
my terms, understand?

Who built the tower?
What is the stasis?
What is the arrow and circle symbol?
And rest assured, the new standard greeting is “A good-morning bow-wow to you, gentlemen.”


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