QuickPost: Marketing the Advent

armbandI will expand this post in the next couple days. For now, let me just post this product photo.

It’s pretty disturbing to consider that some people buy this kind of garbage sincerely expecting to ‘witness’ with it. As Cam notes in the comments below, what kind of witness is it to have Jesus as your Prince Charming. I wish this were the only thing you’d see like this, but the market is literally flooded with this Jesus junk. I know, I hear you. The words ‘Jesus’ and ‘junk’ don’t really belong together at all. Let it demonstrate how alien this kind of crass marketing is to the gospel of Jesus.



4 thoughts on “QuickPost: Marketing the Advent”

  1. I wish I could post my look of annoyance on here, but words must do. I was reminded of how cheesy the Christian culture is when I walked into Lifeway on Saturday and saw a shirt with a Yoo-Hoo spoof on it: “It was YOU WHO he died for.” Are we really THAT uncreative and unoriginal? But, my personal favorite is, “They will know we are Christians by our t-shirts.”

  2. Vote Jesus for prom king! I mean, isn’t he romantic and ever so dreamy? This brings to mind all the girls I met in college who only dated Jesus. After reading “Wild at Heart,” they all started talking about being damsels in distress, each of them in need of rescuing.

    I’m all for being rescued from death and raised to walk in the life of Christ. But forgive me if I’m uncomfortable with thinking of Jesus as the world’s most eligible bachelor, the God boyfriend. I may be off, but that wristband doesn’t adequately communicate what kind of Prince Jesus is — the Prince of Peace. Instead, it makes him out to be Prince Charming.

    So what kind of witness is this band?

  3. As a former Christan Bookstore owner I feel obligated to put a slightly different slant to this topic. Of course I agree with the idea that there things in the marketplace that are cheesy or downright offensive that are marketed to the christian consumer in the name of Christianity. However, in owning a bookstore you absolutely must have some of these items in your inventory (the cheesy not the offensive). Why? Because you won’t be in business long if you don’t. Look, I know the WWJD braclets are cheesy and are not conversation starters about the omnipotence of God but they do produce a revenue flow in order to get other products in the hands of people that do benefit their growth and education in Christ. Is this right? Is it sacreligious? I don’t know. But what I do know is that if I sold 20 WWJD bracelts I could then in turn buy 2 more bibles to put on the shelf, a much needed item in a christian bookstore. I would much rather have the cheesy Prince braclet then to have people go to Barnes and Noble or Walden Books to buy their bible then for them not come to my store. I would rather them look at bibles alonside of some Veggietale merchandise as opposed to some bibles alongside of Madonna’s ‘Sex’ autobiography. Sure there is Jesus junk everywhere but alot of this junk is keeping the local bookstore operating. Will these products convert people? Probably not. Will these products give us a greater understanding of God’s gracious condenscension? Doubt it. But here’s the kicker, neither will Abercrombie and Fitch or Old Navy.

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