Saul/Paul Ministries

St PaulAnother great post on Steve Addison’s blog, World Changers. He’s posting some thoughts as he reads Rodney Stark’s book Cities of God. This post is pretty poignant, since he points out how little Paul’s methods have in common with the church planting methods du jour.

The key quote for me is not Addison’s:

“Paul’s missionary work, therefore, should not be thought of as the humble efforts of a lonely missionary. Rather, it was a well-planned, large-scale organization.” Helmut Koester

3 thoughts on “Saul/Paul Ministries”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Why do we do church planting the way we do? We claim it’s the NT model, but it looks very different from what Paul did as the church planter “par excellence.” He first went to the synagogue to evangelize the Jews. Further, he did not tread where other successful missionary work had taken place. I don’t know that we are nearly as strategic about church planting as the first century apostle was. I think we’re missing something.

  2. Keith,

    I think you’re absolutely right. What passes for “strategy” in too many modern church-planting methods is really just bluster.

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