Holy Hand Grenade

Arthur tossing the grenade
Okay, so it took me a day or two to get back to it, but as promised, the procedure for making a holy hand grenade. I feel compelled to post this in its entirety, but you can find out more here. As any Pythonian can tell you, St. Attila’s experience with the HHG can be found in Armaments chapter 2, verses 9-21. Tossed toward the naughty (or in this case, buried) the foe will snuff it.

Click for larger image of HHGs completeA plastic funnel or cardboard party hat (tape the seam so the resin doesn?t leak out) To form a point at the end of the funnel, saw off the spout and form a point with 2? wide masking tape, being sure to prevent leaks. The funnel will allow you to make several from this mold. Party hats are better if you just want to make one. When I make them with party hats, I leave the hats on the finished HHg.

A couple of cups of aluminum particles (OR a pint of BB?s). I use aluminum from the crosscut saws in shops that use extruded aluminum a lot, such as large sign shops, fabrication plants, etc. Some plastic and/or wood in the sweepings is fine. I pick out the cigarette butts for aesthetic considerations 😉 Larger towns and cities have recycling businesses that have the aluminum particles in large bins, which they sell cheaply.

A quart of polyester resin or epoxy resin (this will encourage you to make at least two 😉 More politically correct resin is available from Envirotech, at http://www.eti.com.

5 double-terminate quarts crystals, at least an inch long. Cloudy and funky are fine, even if an evil person has handled them 😉 The mere proximity of an HHG to any crystal will clear it faster and better than all the combined resources of the most powerful new age gurus or shamans on the planet. I?m just the messenger here, so don?t hate me. The meek are inheriting the earth, after all. Others have told me that orgone generators remove the cloudiness of quartz crystals. Mine are already clear, so I haven?t seen it
happen, myself. One of mine did turn clear when I went to the Bahamas. I?m pretty sure the Atlantean energy at the Mars Bay blue hole did that.

Global Light Network will sell you 5 appropriate crystals from Arkansas for $7, including shipping. Contact David for these at davdart@texas.net

The plastic funnel needs to be big enough to make a 4? high cone. The bigger the cone, the more powerful the HHG. I encourage you to experiment with different configurations. Let me know what you find out, please, since you?ll likely surpass my own efforts thus far. We made one 7? high for the vortex at the secret underground base near San Diego from which a few investigators never returned. We deployed that one on 6/16/01. Boy, are they mad at us! We?d never been surveilled so much before that day.

Set the funnel, point down, in a can or jar.

Put some aluminum particles or BB?s in the bottom, enough to make the vertical crystal stand on its own. I put the better defined end of the double terminated crystal toward the point of the cone.

Pour some resin on top of that and let it soak down through the metal particles.

Put enough aluminum particles or BB?s to cover the rest of the vertical crystal and pour enough resin in to cover that.

Place the other four double terminated crystals horizontally, aligned 90 degrees apart so that the four compass directions will be covered when you?re ready to deploy the HHG.

Make a mark on the funnel to indicate where the point of one of the bottom four crystals is if you want. This is marginally important. I never do that, myself.

Cover the four crystals with aluminum particles or BB?s and cover that with resin. At this point, make the funnel level, either visually or with a spirit level (the ruler with the bubble thing built into it). You don?t need to get it perfect, but perfect is a little better than not. I never fill it to the edge of the funnel, since this makes it harder to finish off and is pretty messy.

If you want to make a really big one, make a paper cone (taping the seam) out of a big piece of thin poster board and tape that into a large funnel. We?ll be putting a big one in the reservoir in San Diego [done, June 01] and at the huge vortex southeast of Bimini soon. Those vortices are particularly big and distorted for some reason.
Remember that lining up with the compass points is not critical. I put small parachutes on the ones I use in deep water locations so that they?ll be upright when they reach bottom.

Make a mark on the flat part of the hardened material now so you?ll know how the four bottom crystals are aligned, since you can?t see them any more.

Take the now-usable but crude HHG out of the funnel now and file the material at the little end down to create a point on the cone. I use a rough belt on my belt sander for this, but feel free to do it the hard way. You can file the edges of the bottom a little if you don?t want to cut yourself with it later.

Having made the mark on the bottom, you can line it up to the compass wherever you put it. Put another mark near the bottom of the cone surface to make this easier 😉 This is optional, as it works fine if not lined up with the compass, too.

You can make it a little better by getting fancy crystals if you want. You can probably improve it in other ways, in which case, please inform me at zapper16@earthlink.net. I won?t make these for money but feel free to do so yourself. I?ve capitalized this way on the pioneering work of other people.

To juice it up even more, make a copper coil on the outside of the funnel or party hat, being sure to wind the wire clockwise toward the point (as viewed from the bottom of the cone toward the point. Do 7 turns or so. Install this in the cone before putting the other ingredients in. This suggestion! is from (through 😉 our masterful friend, Linda
at http://www.spiritherbs.com, who is also a Wingmakers aficionado.


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