PostScript: Eric Brende

One more from Brende’s interview at GodSpy:

Particularly for Catholics [simple country living] should be a very appealing way of life, because what makes our faith different from most Protestant denominations is our awareness of the intimate connections between matter and spirit, body and mind. They’re inextricable. We know that the body is not just a disposable receptacle for the spirit. The two are integrally interrelated. The whole way of life is sacramental?a physical embodiment of a spiritual reality.

Sadly, Brende’s right. Too many churches see preaching (what goes on inside the four walls, or across the airwaves) as the real work of churches, an investment in the eternal. Other ministries are important, sure, but what do they invest thousands (in some cases, millions) of dollars in? Food banks? Shelters? Community growth? Nope. They spend it on preaching.

It’s soul-wearying. And by the way, historical theologians have a name for the idea that the spirit is inherently better than the body. They call it Gnosticism.


3 thoughts on “PostScript: Eric Brende”

  1. It must be in our blood or something, but we think so similarly! I, in fact, had this very conversation about how difficult it is to separate body from spirit (or physical from spiritual) just the other day. No, it’s not difficult; it’s impossible. Why on earth would God have created us as physical beings if the supernatural (world) was all that mattered?

  2. FYI from my neck of the woods… apparantly there is a “spiritual movement” in higher education. The conversation is on how we as student affairs practitioners and faculty help our students develop spiritually. It’s like education and the church are on opposite ends of the spectrum (hmmm…); however, education is realizing the importance of holism…something the Church (as a whole) should realize as well.

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