The Meaning of Work (via Cam’s blog)

Fast Company published an article by Po Bronson. He gets at the heart of what’s eating modern American workers. Cam posted the quote below. I’ve had a varied history at work, and have often gravitated toward work that had eternal significance. Recently, I’ve found myself thinking about all my activities as potentially significant, “charged with the grandeur of God,” to quote poet Gerard M. Hopkins.

Why have I tried to find meaning and significance in my work, and disregarded the rest of my life? For instance, my family depends on me for their present and future. While my work helps to affect the lives of millions of people worldwide, three people are deeply affected by what I do every second of every day, because those activities shape the man, husband and father that I am.

Is it too late for a resolution to do all that I do in Christian faith, and to therefore consider all I do kingdom work? No, it’s not.

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“In the past decade, the work world has become a battleground for the struggle between the boring and the stimulating. The emphasis on intensity has seeped into our value system. We still cling to the idea that work should not only be challenging and meaningful — but also invigorating and entertaining. But really, work should be like life: sometimes fun, sometimes moving, often frustrating, and defined by meaningful events. Those who have found their place don’t talk about how exciting and challenging and stimulating their work is. Their language invokes a different troika: meaningful, significant, fulfilling. And they rarely ever talk about work without weaving in their personal history.”

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