Dueling Philosophers

A debate between two intellectuals about whether Christianity is good for the world? Count me in.

I like Douglas Wilson’s books, and I enjoy reading Christopher Hitchens, atheism notwithstanding. The reason? They’re both robust thinkers. This e-mail exchange, published by Christianity Today, shines a light on the growing Western animosity toward biblical Christianity. I say “biblical” because there’s a sort of romance between Western culture and some ideas that have gained currency as “Christian.” In other words, spirituality, a kind of “muscle memory” of American cultural Christianity. It’s the waning legacy of Christian influence, but it has been infiltrated, hijacked and compromised by the philosophies of self-esteem and positive confession.

I affectionately call it Oprahism, though she is not the movement’s god but its high priestess.

Read part 1 of the debate here.


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