Apollos and Paul Redux

I have been attending the Association for Classical & Christian Schools conference this week. All my sessions but one have been fantastic. The downside of this is my inability to finish my promised Evil part two. Sorry, it will have to wait.

Couple of interesting broadsides on Leithart.com, on the subject of the recent Federal Vision controversy. I admit, this plug is for my PCA friends and anyone interested in the theological sparring now happening in that denomination. It’s been on my mind, given the presence of Douglas Wilson (a good friend of Leithart’s and, though not really named in the position paper presented at last week’s General Assembly since he’s not PCA, a proponent of Federal Vision). Leithart says the vote represents a front in the battle between catholicity (a more accurate word than ecumenism, though some might make that charge), and an earlier post lists the books he has found profitable, including some by (gasp) non-Reformed folks.

I’m not taking sides on this at the moment, since I still know too little about the FV stuff. I imagine that could be said of quite a few of those voting to quash it last week. Still, I hope the vote won’t quash dialogue between the factions.

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