Will Your Tax Dollars Pay for Jihad?

If any doubts remain about the government-funded educational establishment’s straying from real education into indoctrination via “multiculturalism,” the following post should dispel any doubts.

This is an old article, but the Sun’s coverage of an Arabic language public school in Brooklyn, New York, really got my attention. Among the dozen or so articles by various Sun reporters and columnists, Daniel Pipes’ A Madrassa Grows In Brooklyn captures a central complaint against the school: the inability of instructors to divorce Arabic language instruction from an Arabic worldview.

As evidence, he offers the following study of students in Algeria taught in either French or Arabic:

Learning Arabic in of itself promotes an Islamic outlook, as James Coffman showed in 1995, looking at evidence from Algeria. Comparing students taught in French and in Arabic, he found that “Arabized students show decidedly greater support for the Islamist movement and greater mistrust of the West.” Those Arabized students, he notes, more readily believed in “the infiltration into Algeria of Israeli women spies infected with AIDS … the mass conversion to Islam by millions of Americans,” and other Islamist nonsense.

Now, language can be neutral, but it is a cultural development. As such words developed in a culture adopt that culture’s connotations. Case in point, American English vs. British English. While Americans and Brits speak the same language, cultural adaptations can generate confusion. Thankfully, it’s usually benign.

That would not necessarily be the case in Khalil Gibran International Academy. (Interestingly, Gibran was a Christian, not a Muslim.) If students will study subjects in Arabic, what would an Arabic-language US History text be like? What loaded words would change the nature of events? And who would write it? How would they infuse events with unintended significance. And anticipating a possible argument against the need for US History, we should remember that this school is in the US, where even English-speaking students have a pitiful command of our history.

All that said, we should not that a truly moderate Islam does not exist in the world. Wherever Islam achieves supremacy, things change dramatically for the population (especially non-Muslim citizens and the rest of the world). And it need not be supreme for a great deal to go wrong, as the Netherlands–and even the US–illustrates. What will be the outcome when Americans’ tax dollars fund an anti-American education?

This sticks in my craw particularly because of the opposition to religion in American public schools. We have been free to open Christian private schools, which makes sense.

And now my final point. Will an Arabic school become an Islamic school? The principal-designate seems to think so, according to an AP report that’s only available for pay now. Pipes summarizes:

Her intentions for the KGIA should raise alarms. An Associated Press report [now only available for pay] paraphrases her saying that “the school won’t shy away from sensitive topics such as colonialism and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis,” and she notes that the school will “incorporate the Arabic language and Islamic culture.” Islamic culture? Not what was advertised — but imbuing pan-Arabism and anti-Zionism, proselytizing for Islam, and promoting Islamist sympathies will predictably make up the school’s true curriculum.

If New York can do it, and will do it, will Atlanta be next?


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