WebAddicts Anonymous?

United Press International is reporting that Internet addiction is more serious than OCD.


2 thoughts on “WebAddicts Anonymous?”

  1. Hey dude. Was good to hang out on Saturday and whatnot.

    As far as internet(s) addiction goes, I think it was the AMA who recently rejected it as true mental illness that can be diagnosed and treated like schizophrenia or depression. Despite that, its effect on a person’s life is no doubt more serious than OCD, if only for the fact that so many more people are affected by it.

    I mean World of Warcraft has 7.5 or 8 million subscribers? And what percent of those play more than 30 hours a week? I doubt Blizzard (co. that makes wow) would want to release such numbers, it can only make them look bad.

    Also, here’s that link for that real good personal finance blog that I recommended to ya: clickity click. It rox.

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