Mission 225K

Consumer Reports says ‘keep that car’ and I’m thinking they’re right. In a study commissioned by the magazine, researchers found that keeping your car 15 years (about 225K miles) could save you as much as $31,000. If you left your calculator in your other slacks, that’s a lot of money.

The figure includes the cost of trading in/up every five years, as well as interest gained by investment after an auto loan is repaid. The article also included a handy list of good bets and bad bets for cars to make it the full marathon. Guess how many American-made autos were on the list?

Think of the impact on stewardship!

Get Rich Slowly


3 thoughts on “Mission 225K”

  1. I have a goal to keep my current car for a long time (I should probably set a mileage or year goal). It is good to see articles like this to encourage me!

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