Life Is More than Toothbrush Strokes

Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction

Is my life going to be a comedy or a tragedy and who makes that decision?–Harold Crick, Stranger than Fiction

Great article over at Christianity Today about Stranger than Fiction. The authors call it “the greatest theological film of 2006” for asking the crucial question above.


2 thoughts on “Life Is More than Toothbrush Strokes”

  1. Ah Stranger Than Fiction, probably the first Will Ferrell movie that convinced her that he could act. (sorry that that sentence is mangled)

    There’s another film, I’d have to do some research, where the story of a couple is told from two different perspectives, one portraying it as a comedy and one portraying it as a tragedy. I think Will Ferrell was in that one as well, oddly enough.

    Woot Wikipedia: Melinda and Melinda

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