Rick Saenz on the Good Life

My concept of the good life is simple. It is a life devoted to raising
our families, living in community, and worshiping God. An activity
that contributes to those three things is to be welcomed; an activity
that detracts from those three things is to be questioned. As we
declutter our lives by eliminating questionable activities, they will
become both simpler and better.


3 thoughts on “Rick Saenz on the Good Life”

  1. I can think of a couple ways the world might be impacted by such a philosophy. First, raising families in the discipline of the Lord (at least in my mind) means making children aware of the whole world, and encouraging them to obey God in caring for the least of these, whether they’re in Buford or China or Swaziland. Second, living in community has multiple levels: family, local church/neighborhood, the Church, humanity. And third, worshiping God demands being mindful of those he had a mind to save, keeping a spiritual and physical eye on them, and a hand outstretched. But that’s just what I think.

  2. I think my initial thought about this quote is not that i disagree with it, necessarily, but that this way of thinking could lead to a more insular, self-focused way of living–one not very different than what many people criticize suburbanites for living (even though the same can be said for urbanites, too.)

    But, I suppose that’s all a bit premature–criticizing for what hasn’t been said, rather than what has, in an excerpt.

    You raise very good points, Jamie. I’ll think more on this, and look over the source material you pulled this from.

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