Puritans In Space

A few years ago, I had the singularly good fortune to work with a writer named Chris Walley. The first two of a planned four books had appeared in the UK, and I was working at a US publisher who had some interest. Thankfully, we did the books, though since the publisher didn’t “do” speculative fiction (SF), they appeared under the young adult imprint.

The Lamb Among the Stars, as the series was called, is an engaging story so far. I only worked on the first two books, and two more have since appeared. But I commend them. Since I also worked on the most influential Christian fantasy series of all time, it was nice to work on a series that stands on firm theological ground.

I also commend Walley’s explanation of the theology behind them, if for no other reason, then for the title: “Puritans in Space.”


One thought on “Puritans In Space”

  1. Jamie,

    How nice of you to write this! I was only yesterday reading the comments of Mike Huckabee on the Left Behind books and wondering if I really wanted you guys to have a president who didn’t believe in the future.

    Anywhere where are you and what are you doing?


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