Affluenza Is Terminal

I heard a news story on NPR yesterday about the new trend in pet funerals. Gone are the days of shoebox coffins and stick crosses. Now owners are ponying up for full-scale funeral services, and at least one new pet-only funeral home is ready to start franchising.

Though pet cemeteries aren’t a new phenomenon (Deceased Pet Care of Atlanta is more than 30 years old), things have gotten a bit out of hand. Below is a top-of-the-line pet casket, available for the very reasonable price of $1175. Burial lots at Oak Rest Pet Gardens start at $350.
pet coffin

If we might show some mercy to those who’ve lost beloved pets. The recent appearance in South Florida of Chateau Poochie deserves little charity. A 10K square foot pets-only hotel, it features groomers, plasma TVs and a disco. According to the hotel’s site:

Dedicated to over-indulging, extreme pampering and constantly entertaining our guests; Chateau Poochie provides extraordinary care and a potpourri of deluxe services guaranteed to satisfy every furry client’s whim. Imagine the finest ultra chic European five-star resort brimming with amenities galore., “the Ultimate Luxury Resource,” describes Chateau Poochie further:

The ultra-deluxe Crown Jewel Suites are each be decorated in a different gem stone color. In each suite, your pet will be treated to flat screen TV with special programming and luxurious, custom sofas and beds.

Services include nightly turn down service, tummy rubs and bottled water. The Palace Cat boudoir features three-tier deluxe condos for your cat with entertaining windows and a virtual coral reef.

There’s more, but I can’t bear to read anymore. If the pet stuff isn’t proof enough, the fact that a Web site called “LifeOnTop” exists is evidence enough that our society is sick.

Our society is very, very sick.


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