The Bloated Vice Presidency

There’s a great column by John Derbyshire over at National Review. It’s a pro-Ron Paul article, first of all, which is nice to see in that bastion of neo-conservatism. The magazine, after all, endorsed Mitt Romney.

But how Derb gets to Ron Paul is worth riding along. He looks at the vice president’s office—specifically, how that office has ballooned since Calvin Coolidge (that’s him, above) held the office. And also, how hard it is to find out anything about our government’s bureaucracy. My favorite quote:

“What I am seeking is an anti-JFK — a candidate who will transform our nation’s capital from a city of hope for middle-class intellectuals, into a city of despair for them. The despair of those intellectuals, I am increasingly convinced, is the hope of our nation.”

Hillary Clinton famously decried a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband. I’m glad more people are joining Ron Paul in saying, “Forget conspiracies and pseudo-conspiracies! We’ve got to take on this vast left- and right-wing government bureaucracy that’s targeting our liberty!”


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