Simple Siren

I’ve endured a long and rocky romance with Simplicity.

It began as many romances do, learning about her through others. I’ve taken her out when my schedule or finances permitted, always taking care to drop her home early. (And not for chivalry’s sake, but so I could continue the party without her.)

And sometimes I’d go a year without giving her much thought. I know I think of her the way the drunk or addict thinks of that special girl, the one who will clean him up and straighten him out. If I could just…if only…. The romantic in me wants to believe it, but the rational knows it isn’t so.

Still, I can’t seem to escape a feeling that Simplicity brings with her many good things, and that some of the bonds I tighten on my own hands might be loosened or broken if I took the plunge.

I’m spending the next few months reading and studying this discipline. I plan to chronicle that here.


2 thoughts on “Simple Siren”

  1. I like your metaphor. I suspect this gal Simplicity is your soulmate, and it can be scary to meet one of those. But … if you and she are not firmly wedded after another few seasons in the garden, I’ll be a monkey’s aunt.
    Many blessings.

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