Hand over the children

I don’t know exactly what has been going on in the Yearning for Zion compound. Clearly, this polygamist, separatist sect is neither biblical nor beneficial to its members. All the same, there’s something a little creepy about the state seizing children from their families. The troubling thing is, since they have no absolute foundation, the rules and criteria for breaking up families could change tomorrow. They are determined by state therapists, some of whom see conservative Christian parenting as indoctrination, even brainwashing or abuse. Today it’s the Fundamental Latter-Day Saints; tomorrow…Fundamental Baptists?


One thought on “Hand over the children”

  1. I made the comment on this the other day that i totally disagree with their principles of family here, but what the hell? The government is taking children away from their parents? Baby steps to . . . who knows what.

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