RIP: DISH, and the 100 Thing Challenge

So our long association with DISH Network (for perspective, more than 10% of my life) is over. Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead, and not seeing a lot of junk I can do without.

We’ve decided, however, to do Netflix, thinking we can watch the occasional TV series, and get lots of classic movies to watch on Family Nights.

Inspired again by my friend Dave’s 100 Thing Challenge, the DW and I had a go at the garage over the weekend, which culminated in a full trash barrel (I’m embarrassed to say), some things to give to friends, and a carload of stuff for Goodwill. We’re moving inside the house today, remembering that we’ll have to get back to the garage when we have another, larger chunk of time. We’ve decided nothing is a no-brainer; we’re going to carefully consider everything in the house.

This is going to be easy. And hard. Very, very hard. We’ve been talking about 100 personal things, some set number of family things, and so on. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. We have a LOT of stuff.

You can read Dave’s personal rules at his blog, linked above. But remember, here as with many valuable ideas, the process is at least as valuable as the product. Our goal is not only to have less stuff but to be less attached to stuff in general.


One thought on “RIP: DISH, and the 100 Thing Challenge”

  1. I am intrigued by your commitment to the 100 Things Challenge. I hope that you keep your readers updated.

    Congratulations on the garage work. I grimace when I have to walk through mine.

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