Children as commodity

Dmitry Orlov’s series about how to thrive after an economic crash–he says it will be oil, or lack of it, that brings America to its knees–makes for interesting reading. Whether collapse actually comes or not, his assessment of education in America got me thinking:

What will make matters worse is that most of the children are humans-”lite” – deprived of the stories, the myths, and the trials that human children have been put through for the past few million years, minus a bizarre century or two – and so are gravely ill-equipped for life outside the artificial life support system. They are an industrial product: almost from birth, they are placed in an entirely artificial social context, where they are evaluated, classified, and shoved through a series of institutions, to be readied for a lifetime of service in a system whose feedstock is a commodity human product: Grade A human, marketable skills up-to-date, properly credentialed. Even if their parents and grandparents were intact and able to impart wisdom, their children had not been programmed to process that sort of information.

One of the reasons I’m involved in classical Christian education is to help my children be something more than an industrial product.


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