Whatever Happened to Work-Life Balance?

Jay Zagorsky says the cause of zombie apocalypse won’t be biological but economic.

Writing for Fast Company’s “New Rules of Work,” he says:

A hundred years ago labor organizers campaigned for a radical idea: the 40-hour workweek. We are now moving back in the opposite direction. Some workers now work 80-100 hours per week for high pay as a way to “pay their dues” and earn a senior position in a finance company or a law firm, until they they can achieve the seniority that gives them more leisure time. In the future, well-paid workers will continue to work these crushing hours for many years as companies strive to cut costs by combining jobs. At that point, the “Walking Dead,” won’t be just a television show about zombies but an even more appropriate term to describe masses of highly paid but sleep-deprived workers.

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