In Rotation

I just happened to click on my own Spotify profile, and I found the Recently Played list–the most outward-facing of Spotify’s lists–the most interesting. Here are the 20 artists on that page, with commentary.

  • Colony House: Not on the list yet, but I’m listening this morning. A band formed by two of Steven Curtis Chapman’s sons and a friend, great music, styling, and harmonies. Recommended by Andrew Peterson.
  • Bill Evans Trio: Jazz pianist, whose work I like more and more. Recommended by Josh Gibbs.
  • Andrew Peterson​: One of my favorites, for his songwriting, imagination, and feel.
  • Midlake: I’m a long-time fan of this band, from way back in my In Touch days. I used to listen to the Van Occupanther album front to back. Thanks, Cameron.
  • The Black Keys: Everybody knows the Keys now. Like most people, I started really listening at Brothers.
  • AC/DC: When I need big rock sound, tends to be one of my go-tos, despite long conditioning against them.
  • OK Go: The treadmill video for “Here It Goes Again” was my intro to OK Go. Like their accessible math-rockish feel.
  • Coldplay: What can I say? Oh, probably my son’s favorite band.
  • Great Lake Swimmers: Another In Touch discovery, thanks to Cameron. Have been a regular listener.
  • Lecrae: I’m not a hip-hop or rap aficionado. I do sometimes get the urge, and I like Lecrae’s spirit.
  • Brian Tyler: I listen to soundtracks when I’m writing, and he’s working in action films and video games right now. Also, my son loves soundtracks.
  • Queen: Mainly for traveling to basketball practice, especially “We Will Rock You” and “Another One Bites the Dust.”
  • Taio Cruz: “Dynamite” is on the other son’s dance list.
  • Sonny Rollins: I like jazz, but have little knowledge or working appreciation beyond the usual suspects. So, working on my jazz appreciation, and Sonny is one of the saxophone greats. From this list.
  • Pharaoh Sanders: Also from the jazz list, Sanders is one of the more innovative and artistic, and sometimes unlistenable, saxophonists.
  • ELO: From a conversation with Derek Monjure about ELO, in which I falsely attributed “Love Is Like Oxygen” to them. (It was by Sweet.)
  • Switchfoot: Enjoy Jon Foreman’s songwriting. This is on my running list, and the kiddos enjoy “Salt Water Heart,” especially.
  • Trevor Jones: More soundtracks, in this case, one of the best: Last of the Mohicans.
  • The Appalachian Guitar: Looking for Appalachian music. I listened to one track. Meh.
  • Josh Garrels​: One of my favorite songwriters. Found on NoiseTrade. Current favorite: “Heaven’s Knife.” I dare you to listen.
  • Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. “Blinded by the Light” is on the running mix.

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