Faith without Feeling

“Faith is not a feeling. It is simply an act of assent, of openness, and often doesn’t feel like much at all. Faith has to do with what God is doing, not with what we are feeling.” (Eugene Peterson, Practical Christianity)

I have to remind myself of this—usually in the most difficult times. When I face a time of doubt, and I feel like I’m floating in a canoe in the middle of an already rough ocean and the horizon’s not looking very friendly and I tossed the oars overboard hours ago, it’s comforting to remember that with God, it’s not about how I feel. Faith is “an act of assent,” a firm yes to whatever God has planned.

Here we go

I’m not afraid of blogging. Honest.

Which is why, after all the hullabaloo about blogging, Blogspot, etc, I’m diving into the juice.

Here you’ll find all my thoughts, such as they are, about seeing clearly. (Now you see why I’ve called this creature ’20Twenty.’)

I’ll probably post, for discipline’s sake, the ‘devotional’ thought I produce every day for the students of Emmanuel College. And since I like fiction, reading and writing it, and since I hope to keep writing, I’ll occasionally pass along what’s in my craw about that subject too.

Glad you’re here.

by Jamie Cain